Our experienced traders, quantitative researchers and software developers teach new employees extensively, both hands-on and in classroom settings. We look for candidates who learn quickly and are comfortable in a fast-paced and collaborative environment.

Our firm is a meritocracy and progress in both responsibility and compensation is rapid for those capable of demonstrating excellence in their particular field.

Software Developers
Five Rings gives responsibility immediately and recognizes contributors rapidly. New hires work closely with senior software engineers, traders, and quants developing trading software in C++ on Linux.

Application development includes implementing trading strategies, connecting to exchanges, designing trader-facing interfaces, and translating mathematical models into software code – all within a distributed system that spans the globe. If you can write great software as part of a team, and are comfortable both learning from and becoming a mentor, you’re likely to thrive here.
Quantitative Traders
Five Rings gives people as much responsibility as possible, as quickly as it can be earned. New hires work closely with senior traders – analyzing risks and rewards, exploring new strategies, collaborating with quants and software developers to build and optimize trading models. If you are quantitatively-focused, detail-oriented, and can thrive in a fast-paced environment, the opportunities here are unbounded.
Quantitative Researchers
Quantitative researchers develop trading models and strategies. At Five Rings this is a collaborative process: quants work closely with traders to identify opportunities in the markets we trade and with software developers to implement models in our trading systems. Candidates must be exceptionally mathematically proficient, fluent with tools such as Python and R, and able to communicate mathematical concepts and research results clearly.

Internship Program

Five Rings offers an intensive summer internship program. The program includes immersion in both hands-on projects and classroom instruction. We offer a second externship session in January.


Trading Interns have exceptional quantitative skills and a quantitative major. They will work closely with the trading team on research and development projects. Must have basic software development skills.

Quantitative Researchers

Quantitative Research Interns develop models through quantitative strategies and statistical analysis. Must have exceptional quantitative skills and basic software development skills.

Software Developers

Interns will be mentored by experienced Software Developers and immersed in significant enhancements to our production trading system. They will also gain valuable technology knowledge with classroom training. Proficiency with C or C++ and Linux is preferred. Python is a plus.